It is estimated that there are around 53 million lone workers around the world. They face unique challenges that require specific safety measures and procedures to ensure their well-being and safety. Companies and organisations should take steps to implement appropriate measures to address these issues. Fortunately, Teltonika Telematics offers a practical solution to these concerns with autonomous GPS tracking.


Did you know that StaySafe research shows that incidents related to external factors such as accidents, illness, aggression, and violence account for 41% of recorded lone worker incidents? To make it clear, lone workers are those who work alone for some time without close or direct supervision. These employees face different challenges from their onsite colleagues. Let's name a few…

Risk assessment: Lone workers face unique risks that don't affect other workers. These can include the risk of workplace violence, stress and mental health or well-being issues, a person's medical fitness to work alone, and the nature of the workplace, particularly in a rural or remote area.

Industry-specific challenges: Such employees face different challenges in different industries. For example, in industries, such as construction, utilities, and agriculture, lone workers may face medical emergencies where they cannot rely on nearby colleagues for help.

Location tracking: For those responsible for the safety of lone or mobile workers in remote locations, one of the biggest challenges is gaining real-time insight into the worker's current location and tracking their movements.

To meet these challenges and improve the safety of lone workers, companies and organisations can (and should) address them most effectively. Thankfully, Teltonika Telematics can help to make it happen.



To showcase the solution, we choose Teltonika GH5200, a personal autonomous GPS tracker designed for personal tracking and security. It has 5 configurable buttons, is widely configurable and autonomous with a long-life internal battery, 2G connectivity, Bluetooth® LE, accelerometer, etc. With two-way voice communication and convenient LED indicators that can be configured to meet specific needs, it is suitable for a range of applications including workforce management and lone worker protection. The device can be controlled in real-time 24/7 via a dedicated tracking management platform.

Overall, the GH5200 is a reliable and versatile GPS tracker that can be used for personal security, employee safety, and outdoor activities. The model can be successfully utilised to monitor staff movements and ensure their safety in emergencies, making it an excellent choice for employees who work alone.

How it works - the GH5200 personal GPS tracker should be provided to all lone workers of interest. The primary function of the device is to track the location of each individual. It uses GNSS satellite technology to accurately determine the location of the device (and therefore the worker wearing it). The tracker communicates this location data back to a central system or server, allowing employers or safety managers to monitor the worker's location in real time.

Important: The accuracy of the proximity distance calculation is affected by the environment in which the GPS device is used and by other conditions.

The GH5200 model has an easy-to-reach emergency button. When pressed, it sends an instant alert to the central system, signalling that the worker is in distress or needs help. Handily, two-way voice emergency communication with support for up to 5 call/SMS recipients allows a person in need to send a text message or initiate an instant call when immediate help is required.

Even more, the model is pre-programmed with scenarios, alarms, and motionless situations, such as ‘Man-down’ detection or ‘Movement/No Movement’ events. These can trigger instant warnings when certain conditions are met. For example, if the unit detects no movement for a certain period, it can trigger an alarm indicating a potential emergency situation.

Even further, the GH5200 autonomous tracker also has a Bluetooth® LE-based wireless connection that allows it to receive data from external accessories, for instant Teltonika EYE Sensor. This allows the device to monitor additional parameters such as temperature, humidity, and movement. This can be particularly useful in certain working environments where these factors can be critical to worker safety.

Finally, The GH5200 is equipped with a sophisticated remote device management solution, FOTA WEB, which allows automated firmware and configuration updates, the creation of smart groups and a multi-level account hierarchy. This allows employers or security officers to remotely manage and maintain the device with minimum effort and maximum results.




  • Increased safety and peace of mind - with a personal GPS tracker GH5200, management can monitor the exact location of your lone workers in real time. This allows for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency, providing an added layer of safety and peace of mind for both the worker and the organisation.
  • Efficient resource allocation - tracking allows companies to effectively manage resources by sending help exactly where it's needed. This can save valuable time and potentially even lives in critical situations.
  • Improved workforce productivity - knowing that they are being monitored can motivate workers to stay focused and productive. In addition, GPS tracking data can help identify inefficiencies in routes or workflows, contributing to more effective working practices.
  • Health and safety compliance - using Teltonika GH5200 can help your organisation comply with health and safety regulations, demonstrating your commitment to the well-being of your workforce and potentially avoiding costly fines.
  • Accurate reporting and accountability - such trackers provide a wealth of data that can be used for detailed reporting. This can increase accountability, support performance reviews and provide valuable insight for decision-making.
  • Mitigates potential legal issues - in the unfortunate event of an accident, GPS tracking data can provide an objective record of events, helping to resolve potential legal disputes.
  • Improved employee morale and loyalty - by investing in the safety of employees through GH5200, employers are demonstrating that you value their well-being. This can boost morale, encourage loyalty, and ultimately increase staff retention rates.


Working alone presents unique challenges, both for the workers themselves and for those responsible for their safety. This is where Teltonika personal autonomous GPS tracker GH5200 comes in very handy. This robust and reliable device is the perfect solution for monitoring and protecting lone workers in a variety of industries.

Teltonika is unparalleled in the field of vehicle telematics, offering an impressive range of certified GPS trackers and accessories to pave your way to success. With over a quarter of a century of industry-leading experience, our innovative spirit and comprehensive understanding of the global marketplace sets us apart. Our superior product quality, backed by state-of-the-art automated facilities and in-house R&D, gives us a competitive edge. When you choose Teltonika Telematics, you choose an unwavering commitment to meeting your expectations and a reliable business partner for many years to come.

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