In most countries, employees must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) in the workplace to prevent downtimes and accidents that could lead to financial loss or death. However, without proper monitoring, it is difficult to ensure compliance. That is where Teltonika Telematics can help by offering a smart solution for remotely tracking and monitoring employees, ensuring that everyone is following the safety protocols.


According to a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the annual cost of work-related accidents and diseases worldwide is a staggering $1.25 trillion. The report also suggests that the gross under-reporting of occupational accidents and diseases gives a false picture of the scale of the challenge.

Going further, wearing PPE is an essential part of a worker's routine in the construction and road-building industries, as well as in manufacturing and the heavy industry or facilities on a massive scale. Safety regulations require workers to wear PPE because it is appropriate to protect the worker from specific hazards and injuries. PPE includes clothing, helmets, goggles, face shields and other garments or equipment designed to protect the worker's body.

The major concern with the use of PPE is that, in most cases, there is no control mechanism to monitor non-compliant workers and labourers other than visual monitoring. However, inadequate manual monitoring can be replaced and successfully resolved with the sophisticated IoT solution from Teltonika Telematics.



To address the challenge, we choose the Teltonika GH5200 model - a personal autonomous tracker that provides GPS and GSM connectivity to remotely track and monitor the location of an individual or asset. It has extended battery life, 5 programmable buttons, two-way voice communication, handy LED indicators, and can be configured to meet specific needs, making it suitable for a range of applications including workforce management and lone worker protection.

Also, the wireless BLE accessory EYE Beacon with robust casing and a long-life battery. They are designed for cost-effective, fast and easy configuration and integration to save valuable time and resources and improve profitability.

How it works - let’s say, there is an IoT project to effectively manage a large number of workers on a construction site and the goal is to monitor the workforce and save time by checking on them personally. In this case, a site manager or shift supervisor distributes the GH5200 autonomous GPS trackers to each worker to monitor their activities and whereabouts.

Important: The accuracy of the proximity distance calculation is affected by the environment in which the GPS device is used and by other conditions.

The personal tracker, attached to each person of interest, connects wirelessly to the EYE Beacon on the protective equipment and checks that the worker has all the required PPE. The tracking device periodically scans the configured EYE Beacons in the area, alerting the supervisor or site manager and the worker himself/herself if, for some reason, mandatory PPE is missing. With the GH5200, companies can ensure that workers are always wearing the required protective equipment to comply with safety protocols.

In this way, fatal injuries in the workplace can be prevented or significantly reduced, and the solution would provide evidence if someone were to be injured without protective equipment. Teltonika GH5200 comes to assistance too, if a worker accidentally falls or does not move for a certain period. An immediate alarm is triggered and the responsible persons on site can react quickly in case of an emergency.

In conclusion, the benefits of the Teltonika GH5200 combined with ID beacons include improved worker safety, real-time tracking of the individual's location and PPE presence, and the ability to trigger instant alerts in the event of an emergency or distress. Conveniently, FOTA WEB, a cloud-based device management platform, can be used for remote firmware and configuration updates, supporting all currently distributed Teltonika Telematics products.




  • Accurate whereabouts tracking - the GH5200 tracker provides accurate location tracking of employees wearing PPE. With real-time tracking, managers and supervisors can monitor the exact location and ensure they are always wearing the required PPE, making it easier to enforce safety protocols.
  • Increased productivity - with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that employees are wearing the right PPE, they can focus on their work, ultimately increasing productivity.
  • Enhanced safety measures – Teltonika personal GPS tracker provides additional safety measures such as emergency alerts, geo-fencing and two-way communication, ensuring employees are safe in any situation.
  • Improved compliance - the use of the autonomous GH5200 model ensures compliance with safety regulations. This is particularly important for companies operating in high-risk industries like construction or manufacturing.
  • Timely maintenance - personal GPS tracking device provides alerts when PPE equipment is due for maintenance or replacement. This ensures that it is always in decent condition, reducing the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.


Implementing Teltonika GH5200 and wireless EYE Beacon combo to monitor employees' PPE offers many benefits to companies and organisations. With accurate tracking, timely maintenance, increased productivity, enhanced safety measures, improved compliance and reduced liability, these tracking devices are a must for companies committed to their employees' compliance, safety and well-being.

For over 25 years, Teltonika has been providing exceptional service and support to customers across the globe. We have a presence in over 160 countries, making local expertise available around the world. Plus, with 27 million IoT devices manufactured and the fullest variety of certified GPS trackers, asset trackers, accessories, and software solutions for multiple use cases in the telematics industry – you can trust us to provide what you need to succeed!

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