In today's world of rapidly advancing smart devices, the term 'basic track and trace' takes on a new meaning. Just getting the coordinates from the device is no longer enough. Therefore, GPS trackers need to be universal to meet different requirements. When choosing a tracking device, it is very important to understand what additional services and tools you will get with it.


A key factor in choosing a GPS tracker is the added value that the integrator being compared can offer to the end user. For this reason, it is not only the hardware specifications of a product that are important, but also the firmware features, associated tools and applications.

The time how quickly a customer can bring a product to market is also very important. That is why, in addition to GPS trackers, our customers receive a range of useful tools to help them get up and running quickly and keep them operating successfully and reliably.



Teltonika GPS trackers are developed on a common firmware platform, which is constantly being developed and extended with new features. A common platform means that the main core of functionality is the same on all types of our trackers - be it Professional, Advanced, or Basic category models. The intelligent use of functions gives the user a wide range of options and a valuable advantage over other GPS trackers in a similar price range on the market, making them suitable for different telematics solutions.

Speaking of hardware specifications, all Teltonika trackers are equipped with a high-gain GNSS antenna for accurate GPS tracking. 128 MB internal memory allows collecting data in areas where there is no GSM network connection. Internal memory makes it possible to update the firmware - a feature that not every simple GPS tracker has. All our trackers have an internal backup battery that allows a notification to be sent if an unauthorised disconnection is detected.

Now let's look at software solutions. For quick and easy implementation of 'Teltonika data protocols', a packet parser tool and communication server source code examples are provided. For easy control of the entire fleet, our customers receive free access to the FOTA WEB platform. This is a powerful software service for remote configuration and firmware updates. Even more, all Teltonika GPS trackers support TCT Configurator - the handy tool for device configuration, firmware updates, and testing. As for documentation related to all features and configuration instructions, our customers can find this information on the Teltonika Wiki page.

The FMB920 model is one of our most popular trackers. In fact, its competitive price, smart functionality and high quality have quickly made it our bestseller. We ship this GPS device from the factory with a default configuration ready for a track and trace usage scenario. The customer only needs to insert the SIM card and configure the server settings. With a wide range of firmware functionality and configuration options, the FMB920 is suitable for customers with a variety of needs.

The basic firmware functionality supports such generic features as sleep modes, trip detection and different data acquisition modes depending on the ignition/movement source or even the connected GSM operator. The device supports different ignition detection modes depending on the installation scenario.

It also supports advanced features, such as auto geofence, towing detection, green driving, crash event detection, virtual odometer, unplug detection, GPRS/SMS notifications and many more. The user can easily enable the required function using the configurator or FOTA WEB and change the configuration according to the changing needs of the customer.

Teltonika trackers also support Bluetooth® LE technology, which greatly enhances their functionality. For example, if a customer wants to get more telemetric vehicle data, it is possible to connect via Bluetooth® OBD-II dongle and read such data as mileage, engine hours, engine faults, fuel level, etc. Advanced BLE mode allows BLE beacons and various BLE sensors (temperature, humidity, movement, etc.) to be configured.

BLE beacons can be used as immobilizers or to authenticate drivers and passengers. They can also be used to monitor assets during transport, including indoor tracking. It is also possible to configure a device via Bluetooth®. Teltonika Telematics provides Bluetooth® communication protocols so that users can develop their own mobile applications to read notifications in real time and perform many other useful functions with their GPS trackers.




  • Easy and fast integration – professional tools, such as Teltonika TCT Configurator and FOTA WEB, save time and make it easy to control your fleet.
  • Improved operational efficiency - Teltonika GPS trackers enable fleet managers to streamline routes, reduce fuel costs and optimise vehicle utilisation, resulting in tangible savings and improved productivity.
  • Enhanced security measures - real-time tracking ensures rapid detection and response to unauthorised vehicle movements, significantly reducing the risk of theft and ensuring fleet safety.
  • Insightful data analysis - access to granular data, from driving patterns to idle times, provides managers with actionable insights for informed decision-making and performance improvement.
  • Accurate time management - predict accurate vehicle arrival and departure times, increasing customer confidence and satisfaction through reliable service delivery.
  • Minimise maintenance costs - by tracking vehicle health metrics, you can anticipate maintenance needs, reducing unplanned downtime and associated costs.
  • Environmentally conscious - by enabling efficient route planning and monitoring, Teltonika trackers help to reduce a fleet's carbon footprint, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.


Integrating our trackers into any system is quick and easy, thanks to professional tools and qualified technical support that is always ready to help any customer. Teltonika Telematics technical support is available not only at the head office but also in remote offices around the world.

Our clients can always use the online services Teltonika Wiki and Crowd support forum to check information about our products. Customers who purchase GPS trackers from us also get free access to the FOTA WEB service, where they can update configurations and firmware versions as new features are released. High-quality European manufacturing and an experienced team ensure the long-term success of our products.

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