With so many dangers on the road, companies are increasingly looking for different solutions for driver safety and driving. However, finding a solution that is easy to use, provides important data, such as evidence or driver monitoring statistics, and complies with policies on facial recognition can be difficult. To overcome these obstacles, Teltonika Telematics has developed an innovative front view recording solution.


Companies and organisations face significant challenges when it comes to implementing driver safety and monitoring solutions while complying with GDPR or similar regulations. Many driver safety and monitoring solutions involve the acquisition of personal data, such as visual facial capture, which can be a breach of GDPR laws if not done correctly.

In addition, businesses need to ensure that the data collected is stored securely and processed following these guidelines. This can be a complex process, as it involves implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect the data.

Another challenge is finding a solution that is easy to use and manage while providing valuable data on driver behaviour and asset management. Companies need to ensure that the solution they choose can be easily integrated with their existing fleet management systems and provide key insights into driver behaviour and asset management without compromising individual privacy rights.

Even more, an additional difficulty that companies face when implementing driver safety and monitoring solutions is the necessity to obtain evidence of an accident or other traffic incident. For instance, in the event of a collision, having reliable evidence can be critical in determining liability and ensuring that appropriate and timely action is taken.

However, obtaining evidence can be a complex and time-consuming process. Traditional methods of getting evidence, such as eyewitness testimony or the gathering of physical evidence, can be unreliable and may not provide a complete picture of what happened. Teltonika Telematics offers a practical, reliable, and effective solution to these challenges.



We have developed an effective solution to address the above challenges. The innovative solution combines the FMx125 and FMx225 series tracking devices with Teltonika DashCam, providing comprehensive information including video recordings, images, and vehicle-related data in the event of a traffic accident. As an example, we have chosen the FMC125 model with 4G LTE Cat 1 connectivity and RS232 serial port.

How it works - mounted on the windscreen, Teltonika DashCam records the front view of the road and captures other traffic users, which is highly valuable in the event of a car accident. Installing the camera can also act as a preventive measure against any malicious intentions on the part of the driver.

Video recordings can be triggered or requested automatically. Automatic sending is activated when a car crash is detected or when the panic button is pressed. Footage from the front camera 5 seconds before and after the incident is sent to the dedicated server, providing 10 seconds of footage for a fleet manager or owner to evaluate the incident.

If required, a video can also be requested by sending an SMS/GPRS command based on specific events such as overspeeding, hard acceleration, harsh braking and/or cornering, towing, and signal jamming, along with a specific recording time. A maximum recording of up to 30 seconds can be sent to the server. While the vehicle is in use, the camera records continuously and stores up to 36 hours of video on a MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 64 GB. In addition to video footage, photos can also be sent to the server on demand or at set intervals.

Teltonika DashCam is connected via an RS232 interface and videos are recorded in 720 p resolution. High Efficiency Video Coding (aka HEVC) H.265 significantly improves video quality while keeping the file size small, ensuring high transfer speeds. Even more, as the solution comes with Teltonika FMx125 and FMx225 series devices, it offers a wide range of tracking information and capabilities.

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology extends the functionality of GPS trackers. For example, BLE sensors can be wirelessly connected to monitor temperature, humidity, movement and other parameters, while BLE beacons can be used for driver or passenger authentication, trailer tracking and as an immobilizer. In addition, a 1-Wire communication bus can be used to monitor temperature data and for RFID or iButton tags.

Last, but not the least, the Dual SIM feature of the FMC125 significantly reduces roaming costs. When crossing borders between countries, one operator’s coverage may not be enough or may cost significantly more. Having an extra SIM card in the tracker easily solves this problem.

To sum up, in the fast-paced world of transport, efficiency, safety, and accountability are paramount. To stay competitive, companies are increasingly having to adopt advanced technology and one of them is the integration of vehicle GPS trackers with dashboard cameras. This powerful combination offers a significant range of benefits that can greatly improve operational efficiency and safety.




  • Having video records or photos of incidents on the road provides vital information, allowing us to understand clearly what happened and why.
  • The automated, hassle-free driver, and incident tracking, recording, monitoring and management - an accurate, all-in-one and easy-to-use solution for delivery services using a wide-angle camera and Teltonika GPS tracker. Data is available and accessible anytime, anywhere via PC, tablet, and smartphone.
  • Compliance with regulations - the benefit of a front view camera is that it is GDPR and similar law compliant. This means that the solution is designed to protect the privacy of individuals and comply with data protection laws.
  • The extensive functionality of the solution to meet business needs - flexible configuration for a project or business needs, practical detections such as speeding, excessive idling, crashes or others on demand to optimise fleet management, reduce its running costs, fines, medical expenses, and significantly improve ROI.
  • Protection against fraudulent claims – the solution data can provide irrefutable evidence in the event of fraudulent insurance claims. By recording the events leading up to an incident, fleet owners can protect companies from unwarranted liability.
  • Improved safety - Teltonika DashCam provides a front view of the vehicle path, allowing for comprehensive analysis in the event of an accident. This visual evidence can be vital in the resolution of disputes, the identification of parties at fault, and the improvement of driver training programmes.
  • Improved customer service - real-time tracking enables accurate delivery estimates and quick response to customer queries. The dashboard camera can provide visual confirmation, adding an extra layer of transparency and confidence.


The combination of the FMx125 and FMx225 series of vehicle GPS trackers and Teltonika DashCam accessory offers a trustworthy solution that can increase operational efficiency, improve safety, and enhance compliance. For transport companies and corporate fleet operators, this is not just an investment, but a step towards future-proofing their operations.

Teltonika Telematics is the leading expert in telematics, offering an exceptional range of certified vehicle GPS trackers, asset and autonomous trackers, accessories, and solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the IoT industry. With a rich heritage spanning over 25 years, our dedicated team drives the success of our customers and business partners in more than 160 countries worldwide. Our extensive experience, coupled with our unrivalled expertise, positions us as the ideal ally for all your telematics needs.

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