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October 3, 2023

At Teltonika Telematics, our mission has always been to provide outstanding products and top-quality services. We are dedicated to enhancing your business performance and expanding your opportunities. To achieve this, we have carefully curated the Teltonika Connectivity Solution and the Iridium Connected Telematics Solution to showcase our past successes and current offerings, so you can join the journey.



Our solution has come a long way since its humble beginnings in Europe. We are committed to continuous improvement and a number of significant enhancements have already been made to improve Teltonika Cellular Connectivity. Just to remind you, our Teltonika Global Plan covers 134 countries and territories worldwide and includes a range of valuable features.

The full list of countries and network types can be found on our website here, along with an overview of the Global Plan, its advantages, and how to order. The Teltonika Connectivity Solution offers many benefits:

  • Worldwide cellular coverage in 134 world countries, supporting up to 3 network operators in each of them.
  • Always the strongest signal with automatic network and operator switching.
  • Free SMS requests and responses within our network plus a paid SMS service beyond.
  • Auto Top-Up for uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • SIM card activation on first use with unlimited storage.
  • eSIM availability.
  • Connectivity management platform and other custom software resources.

We also offer the convenience of inserting plastic SIM cards or soldering eSIM chips into GPS trackers, streamlining the connection process for our customers.


Imagine taking a cutting-edge Teltonika Telematics GPS tracking system with global GSM coverage and adding limitless connectivity that goes beyond the skies. This combination results in our advanced Iridium Connected Telematics Solution. It pairs Teltonika GPS trackers (such as FMC125 or FMx6-series) with an Iridium Edge® satellite modem, enabling communication with Iridium® satellites through Iridium Short Burst Data® (SBD®) service.

This solution offers truly unlimited global connectivity anywhere on the planet Earth, even in the most remote areas or high seas, where there is no cellular coverage at all.

How it works: When GSM connectivity is unavailable, the GPS tracker seamlessly switches to satellite data transmission, reverting to mobile networks when they become accessible again. For detailed technical information, configuration, wiring, firmware, and FAQs, please visit our dedicated Teltonika Telematics wiki page.


Teltonika Global Connectivity Solution connects numerous Teltonika GPS tracking devices worldwide, facilitating remote data exchange. It effectively addresses various challenges:

  • Teltonika GPS tracking system enhanced with Global Connectivity SIM cards makes the vehicle theft process way more difficult and can prevent loss and even help to recover lost assets.
  • Ensures continuous and uninterrupted service with the Auto Top-Up feature.

Utilising the Iridium Connected Telematics Solution allows you to monitor operations in remote areas with no cellular coverage, as well as provide security for land-based and maritime activities worldwide. These practical use cases are just a glimpse of how our customers benefit from our offerings. But in any case, firm connectivity is at the heart of every GPS tracking system we make.

In conclusion, Teltonika Telematics offers both cellular and satellite connectivity to expand network coverage to even the most remote locations. We provide an all-inclusive solution, including SIM cards or satellite modems for unlimited connectivity, a tailored management platform, a wide range of vehicle GPS trackers, accessories, and exceptional customer support.

For the latest updates and the best offers, contact your Teltonika Sales Manager. Getting our products, adding a selected connectivity solution, staying online anytime, anywhere and sharing your success with us - all this and more is just a phone call away.

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