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April 19, 2023

Teltonika Telematics tracking equipment constantly evolves to deliver the latest technologies to businesses around the globe. Now it is the time for our configuration software to follow hardware footsteps and take a major leap forward as well. We are proud to announce the release of TCT – Telematics Configuration Tool.


A top-notch telematics device requires a configuration software that would match its capabilities. After all, there are no two identical IoT use cases. Only a tailored configuration allows providing suitable solutions to the challenges that businesses face. This is what TCT is all about!

Our next-generation software tool is designed to reinvent device setting experience making it simple and fast – no matter how sophisticated the final solution is. Created with user experience in mind, TCT suits telematics newbies and IoT professionals alike.

Eager to learn more and how it can benefit your company operations? Join our webinar on Thursday, April 27, at 10 AM (GMT+3) where all the details will be revealed. Don’t miss your chance to discover the new functionalities and possibilities offered by TCT.


  • TCT device configuration features
  • Usability improvements overview
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Live Q&A session


Aliaksandr Buslo, Project coordinator, Teltonika Telematics

Kseniya Dolia, Project Development Manager, Teltonika Telematics

Date and time – 27 April 2023, 10 AM (GMT+3).

Duration – 45 min.

Language – English.

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