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May 9, 2023

Skyrocketing growth and plenty of opportunities – e-mobility market is on a rapid rise driven by a number of factors that include government policies, technological advancements, consumer demand, infrastructure development, environmental concerns, etc. Estimated at USD 109.23 billion in 2022, the global electric mobility market size is set to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 14.6% from 2023 to 2030. Keeping this in mind, Teltonika Telematics offers multifunctional high-voltage tracking device TFT100 to let you take full advantage of the e-mobility market potential.



Moving towards more sustainable electric transport is evident worldwide – the global stock of electric two- and three-wheelers is set to increase from over 35 million in 2021 to 245 million in 2030, while the sales of electric two- and three-wheelers is expected to rise from almost USD 10 million in 2021 to USD 40 million in 2030. Private individuals and businesses alike choose environmentally friendly alternatives in terms of transport modes, meaning that companies need efficient solutions to optimise the operations of their electric fleets.

“E-scooters, e-motorcycles, e-bikes, e-forklifts… The variety of e-mobility extends far beyond the commonly perceived electric vehicles and we are more than glad to offer our clients the all-in-one solution that allows to make full use of this booming market. TFT100 is the ultimate e-mobility device that comes with an extensive list of functionalities and can be easily adapted to different means of transport.”, says Vilius Geidrichis, Head of SCOPE products development at Teltonika Telematics.


TFT100 is e-mobility & heavy machinery tracker with 2G connectivity and high-voltage (10-97 V) support. The choice of CAN, RS232, RS485, and UART interfaces allows data reading without additional firmware changes or externally connected devices. Meanwhile, manual CAN functionality lets users to read RAW CAN data from their transport ECU without requiring to develop custom CAN protocol. Moreover, the support of different CAN protocols (Askoll, Govecs, Nuuk, FLEX, Bosch, etc.) makes your choice of vehicle manufacturers virtually unlimited.

To provide even more value and convenience, our device has IP67-rated casing. It means trusted protection against water and dust, thus, ensuring smooth monitoring in harsh environments and challenging weather conditions.

As a versatile tracker, TFT100 covers diverse use cases and business niches, such as e-scooter sharing, delivery services, special machinery and equipment monitoring, waste and cleaning management, airport ground vehicles tracking, etc. Depending on a company needs, comprehensive fleet and asset control can be achieved by connecting various external devices like Low Energy beacons and sensors (for temperature, humidity, and movement monitoring as well as magnet detection) or RFID readers and iButton for authorisation purposes.

Stay competitive by conquering the e-mobility market – contact us for more information or visit TFT100 product page right now.

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