The world's growing population and the development of new technologies are contributing to an increase in transport use - more vehicles are needed to move people and goods, and businesses such as car-sharing services, food delivery platforms, and e-commerce are emerging and expanding. Meanwhile, driving style is one of the factors that has a direct impact on fuel consumption and vehicle life. If managed well, the costs saved can be used to strengthen a company and its competitive edge.


We all have our own driving style and most of the time we do not think much about how it affects fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance. Aggressive acceleration, hard braking, cornering and overspeeding are not only dangerous for the driver but also for other road users. In addition, these instances of inappropriate driver behaviour result in operating costs that could otherwise be avoided.

Inefficient driving produces more exhaust emissions, increasing the negative environmental impact on our planet. Making cities greener is a serious challenge facing countries around the world. Clearly, the safety of people and goods is an important aspect that must be considered and given top priority. So how can we improve our driving skills and discipline drivers?


Teltonika has the right solution - Green Driving functionality - which collects data on acceleration, braking, overspeeding, hard cornering and engine idling. This information is analysed immediately. If the values received are outside the set parameters, the device sends a command to the LED or buzzer installed in the cab, warning the driver that he or she is driving inefficiently. The same information is also sent to a server for further analysis if required.

How it works - to make it easier for a driver to keep track of his or her driving style, we have a special mobile application called BTAPP. Here, a driver can see the parameters monitored by the Green Driving solution, switch between the private and business trip modes, and see the history of the trips.

To further motivate drivers, it is possible to evaluate their driving performance and allocate salary or bonuses accordingly. The Green Driving solution is a very good example of how modern technology can not only help develop business but also improve road safety and reduce the negative impact on our planet. It is easy to activate and parameterise in our TCT Configurator.

We recommend using FMx920 series of trackers to experience the benefits of the Green Driving solution. However, it is good to know that this functionality is supported by all Teltonika vehicle trackers. In the case of the driver alert function, please note that the device must have DOUT for this feature to work.

What is also important, there are two sources for Green Driving operation – GPS data and accelerometer. The desired one can be selected in TCT Configurator. GPS data is pretty reliable and does not require any additional effort to make it work. On the other side, accelerometer data is more precise and ensures uninterrupted operation even when a GPS signal is not available, for example, in tunnels or underground parking lots.

However, to utilise accelerometer data correctly, the device has to perform an autocalibration process, which is automatic, as the name implies but may take some time. Read more about the use case technicalities here.




  • Efficient fuel consumption - achieved by minimising hard accelerations.
  • Reduced running costs - saving fuel, tyres, and suspension through improved ride quality.
  • Longer vehicle life - keeping your fleet in good condition by reducing aggressive or sporty driving.
  • Increased road safety - less harsh manoeuvring means safer roads.
  • Reduced exhaust emissions - smooth acceleration and manoeuvring reduce engine load and therefore fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
  • Improved cargo safety - responsible driving reduces the risk of damage to cargo.


Teltonika's Green Driving solution represents the very best in sustainable fleet management technology. Our GPS tracking devices are designed to monitor and improve driving practices, significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Using real-time data and comprehensive analytics, we enable fleet managers to implement effective green strategies that deliver significant environmental and economic benefits.

Our focus on innovation and sustainability sets Teltonika apart as a leader in green telematics. Our solutions not only support environmental goals but also improve fleet efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Partnering with Teltonika means investing in technology that drives positive change, helping your fleet to operate more sustainably while achieving superior performance and savings.

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