If you are one of those drivers or fleet managers who find completing your logbook a tedious and time-consuming process, we have good news for you. Thanks to Teltonika GPS trackers, you can automate almost the entire process by using an accurate and reliable GPS electronic logbook.


To remain viable and profitable, keeping a fleet in good condition is a top priority for most companies. Manual reporting and human error, paperwork overload, lack of driver accountability, communication and coordination problems, no clear distinction between business and private use, random or chaotic routing and idling will inevitably affect fleet operating costs, company cash flow, competitive advantage and reputation.

These challenges can't be ignored and should be addressed by fleet managers and company owners. This is where the GPS electronic logbook functionality comes in.



It is good practice for companies all over the world to keep a log book for each vehicle so that a fleet manager can keep track of the running costs of a particular vehicle and/or the entire fleet. This is where a Teltonika electronic logbook feature with GPS tracking comes in handy.

Overall, a logbook is used for good shipping and delivery services, as well as the sea logbook for seafarers and so on. For example, the electronic logbook of Teltonika FMC003 GPS tracker accurately registers all routes travelled by a vehicle and the purpose of the journey.

How it works - a logbook shows the location and date of departure, a driver ID, the mileage at the start and end of the journey (total distance travelled), green driving parameters and the purpose of the journey. If required, the data can be used for tax, insurance and other purposes.

Teltonika FMC003 is able to read standard OBD data which includes mileage. However, if this data is not available from the particular vehicle, the Trip Odometer feature is a solution. It's a function that works with GNSS data. So it's not like getting the readings directly from the dashboard, but it's a fairly accurate calculation based on the distance travelled. Best of all, this function allows you to read the mileage of the actual vehicle without leaving the office.

One of the most distinctive logbook benefits is the Trip Designation feature. In the device FMC003, this feature has been fulfilled with a Trip Mode. A Trip section in settings allows a user to configure the Trip Mode feature. The Trip starts when the Ignition according to the Ignition Source is ON and Movement according to the Movement Source is ON and the Start Speed is exceeded. Start Speed defines the minimum vehicle speed to detect a Trip. When the Trip is over and the next Trip begins, the trip odometer value is reset to zero.

There are two options available to the driver via the trip designation - Business Mode or Private Mode. When Business Mode is activated, an electronic logbook tracks and automatically records all relevant vehicle events. If the driver selects Private Mode, the logbook is switched off and no events are recorded. This mode also allows companies to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations.

This feature is particularly useful when using a company car for both business and private purposes (e.g. at weekends, holidays or after business hours), or for accurate car tax reporting in some countries. It is also a simple way for the self-employed to turn their own car into a business asset.

For instance, Teltonika OBD-II type Plug & Play tracking devices are perfect for Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) tracking applications such as courier delivery services, car rental and leasing, insurance telematics and many other scenarios where simple, fast and cost-effective installation is a priority. Read more about the use case technicalities here.




  • Efficiency and accuracy - automate the logbook process, reducing manual errors and time-consuming paperwork and ensuring accurate record keeping.
  • Increased driver accountability - monitor driver behaviour and activities, promoting responsibility and compliance with company policies.
  • Real-time fleet monitoring - track each vehicle in your fleet in real-time, gaining insight into their routes, stops and usage patterns.
  • Distinct business/private modes - easily switch between business and private modes to ensure privacy and compliance.
  • Comprehensive reporting - use the electronic logbook for tax, insurance and other reporting needs, backed by accurate and reliable data.
  • Easy-to-use interface - access the electronic log from any device, from smartphones to PCs, ensuring convenience for both drivers and fleet managers.
  • Cost savings and ROI - reduce operating costs and achieve a faster return on investment by monitoring and optimising fleet operations.


Teltonika is synonymous with excellence in the IoT industry and GPS tracking sector. Our journey, marked by the successful deployment of over 27 million devices worldwide, is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Our diverse range of European-made GPS tracking devices, including the renowned OBD-type models with electronic logbook functionality, are designed to integrate seamlessly into various industries, ensuring that every business, from passenger transport to light commercial vehicle operations, can experience the Teltonika Telematics difference.

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